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Our Farms

Our Farms straddle the borders between Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire and Norfolk around Long Sutton, Gedney, Sutton Bridge, Tydd and Leverington.

Lighthouse and Onslow Farms are our operational centres from which we farm a variety of silt soils on both sides of the River Nene from the Wash to Wisbech.

Our Team

We have an arable team of 8 plus an apprentice, supported by a farm manager, an assistant farm manager, and admin team of two, a haulage team of 3, a storeman and a skilled estate worker. A regular training program ensures the team is developing and includes specialist agronomic training as well as statutory requirements.

A number of seasonal and casual workers are taken on at harvest with a range of experience required to carry out key tasks during the months of August to November.

Our Produce

Potatoes are grown for pre-packing and marketed through Nene Potatoes to all the major supermarkets.

Wheat is grown for seed, milling, biscuit, export and feed.

Oilseed rape is crushed in the UK with a large proportion of oil used for food production.

The sugar beet is processed by British Sugar at Wissington for the Silver Spoon brand.

Marrowfat peas are grown for seed and for canning by a local processor and are destined for retailers’ shelves with others exported to the middle east as human grade produce.

We also grow vining peas for freezing at Kings Lynn and Boston within the Holbeach March Cooperative.

The mustard we grow is destined for Colmans whom we supply through growers’ co-operative English Mustard Growers Ltd.

Wherever possible we develop links with packers and processors to understand their needs including minimising food miles and maximising returns.

Our Storage

Potatoes are stored in one ton boxes in three farm stores and in a co-operatively owned and operated store, Winters Lane Storage Ltd.

Combinable crops are stored in a number of farm stores located at the three sites, Kamarad, Onslow and Nene Lodge Farms. Additional co-operative grain storage on the dockside at Boston is provided through membership of another co-operative, Lingrain Storage Ltd.

Our apples are stored in controlled atmosphere stores to preserve quality.

Our Machinery

Both wheeled and tracked machines are used to carry out operations from general transport, through to primary cultivations (ploughing/subsoiling') and seedbed preparation.  Crop protection applications are made by 2 self-propelled sprayers.

The 36 meter tramline system minimises non crop area and works well delivering even applications and minimises waste.

GPS guidance is to RTK level to achieve sub inch accuracy and repeatability year after year.

Grain harvest is led by two combines also fitted with tracks while the potato harvester is a self propelled machine with both wheels and tracks. Tracks minimise soil damage through compaction.

Our Rotation

The crop rotations reflect the dominant soil type in each parish. The light land rotation includes potatoes, wheat, peas, sugar beet and mustard; whereas the heavy land rotation includes wheat, oilseed rape and peas.

The areas of each crop are blocked so that we can operate as efficiently as possible, but at the same time maintain a diverse arable rotation.

The business still maintains a small area of orchard, growing traditional Wisbech Bramley apples with more recent plantings of Gala.

The Farmed Environment and Crop Assurance

The farm is entered into a Stewardship Agreement with Natural England that includes an SSSI. Over 160 km of grass margins protect field boundary features, and ancient monuments along with rotational hedge cutting and ditch maintenance protect wildlife and the environment.

We are in Assured Combinable Crops and Assured Produce and are LEAF Marque accredited.


Renewable Energy

Roof mounted solar panels have been installed with a total capacity of 130kW at two of the storage sites. Much of the electricity generated is used on site to cool the potato and fruit stores.

The crop storage control systems have been updated with new software that manages the crop cooling plant operation to make best use of the available electricity generated whenever possible to minimise emissions and our carbon footprint.

Residential Property

The farm has a number of residential properties some of which are occupied by employees with the remainder let on short term tenancy agreements at Sutton Crosses, Wingland and Leverington. The let properties are managed by local agents who deal with all new lettings. All enquiries regarding lettings will be passed to our agents.

Our Support

Farming is an industry of small business that works and trades with Governments and multinational businesses. We join with other producers in co-operatives and actively support the NFU, CLA and TFA in promoting sustainable food, viable farming and the countryside.

Part of our farm is on the coast, protected by coastal sea defences next to the Wash and River Nene. These need to be maintained and improved to prevent flooding from the sea. We support and promote the Wash Frontage Group in raising awareness of the risk of flooding from the sea and finding solutions that prevent flooding and the serious damage to wildlife and farming that would result.      Four Winds, 3 Tydd Low Road, Long Sutton, Spalding PE12 9AR       Tel: 01406 363208




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